8th Age Stories

The priests and scholars declare that it is the 8th Age, that there's been other ages before this one. That the previous ages sinned so bad that they Fell. I don't know much about that, or much of anything about God or politics or even what my next meal is. But I do know my orders. I know my imperator is damned good at what he does, and my centurion is the toughest son of a bitch I've ever had the privelege to serve under.  And if they can get me through the week then I suppose it don't matter much what I don't know. 
I'll survive. 
-Unknown legionnaire in the Morwenna Republic
The Last of the Silver Brotherhood.

In which a loyal man is betrayed and destroyed. 

Beyond the Dragon Doors 

In which the fate of Prizrak-in-Secunda is decided, despite a notable absence. 

Cloak and Dagger in the Royal City

    In which a deadly game of cat and mouse is played in the moonlit streets of the city of Sceptre.  

The Thornwood Plot
    In which Sir Omen, Sir Jav and the Lady Adica hunt after a treacherous Baron in an ancient and dangerous city.