Off Topical Reviews

         So I’m planning to make this section of the website a critical showcase where I review movies, TV shows and other media. Typical right? Opinions are like assholes in that everyone has one and they both kinda smell funky after a few too many tequila shots and Indian food. 

Well, in addition to joining the vast critical litany on the Internet I’m also going to be doing something a bit different. Maybe. Every once in a while, when I see or read some particularly terrible review a mainstream critic has made, I’m going to critique their critique. I’m not talking about a critic not liking a movie that I happen to like. That’s perfectly okay, cause well, again opinions and assholes.  What I mean is a critic whose opinion is so out there, so misinformed, and so utterly fucking stupid and contrary that it immediately and inevitably leads to a face palm. 

Expect fridge logic reviews to be torn a new one. Expect blatant film snobbery to be exposed. Expect Armin White’s stuff to show up here on a regular basis.

            Also, expect this section to be
 infrequently updated, cause, y’know, I’m bad at that sort of thing.